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Florida Medical Business was launched in 1988 as the first medical magazine and healthcare marketing agency in Florida. Since then we have worked hard to retain our place as the best Florida medical magazine and a reliable name in Healthcare Advertising in FL. Our customers are any individuals or companies that have products or services to sell in the medical and healthcare industry. Our audience includes all physicians, top hospital and medical institution executives, solo and group practice administrators, and other medical practitioners, make us the leading Florida medical news magazine. Our continuously growing readership makes FMB the perfect place for your Healthcare Advertising in FL.

Our growth over the years has helped us give better service to our readers and advertisers in North, South and Central Florida. If there is anything concerning Florida medical news you will find it in Florida Medical Business. We have experienced and hard-hitting investigative reporters on our staff who report the management and marketing policies, and financial performances of medical companies in Florida besides Tallahassee and Washington. We cover all topics from legal medical issues for medical practitioners, companies and patients, to buying medical and Medical Malpractice Insurance for Physicians in FL.

We reach MD's, CO's, CEO's, CFO's, COO's, CMO's, solo and group practitioners beside the decision makers at physician practice management companies, healthcare consultants and attorneys, and other professionals that cater to physicians and medical chemists. We also cover and reach out to State and other medical authorities such as the Florida Legislature, Florida Board of Medicine, Agency for Health Care Administration, Office of Insurance Regulation, Medicare and Medicaid and Human Services Department among others. We also reach out to South America for importing and exporting.
Our audience, comprising the who's who of the medical industry in Florida, makes us the best source for advertising medical products and services, for individuals and companies in the medical and healthcare industry. Get in touch with Florida Medical Business to promote you products and services, and for the latest in medical news in Florida. FMB is ready to help you with your Healthcare Advertising in FL! 

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